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cody jackson


“I have over twenty five years of experience in the landscaping industry.”


As a Tennessee native, I have over twenty five years of experience in the landscaping industry. I grew up the son of an independent landscape company owner and have been helping on job sites and large-scale projects since the age of nine. I feel lucky to have learned what I did growing up and I have a deep passion for my line of work.

I love working with the earth and it's natural elements. I use landscaping as a way of seamlessly blending manmade structures with the earth around it. I do most of my work alone or with a small crew and mostly by hand, taking the time to pursue quality in every single project I work on.

Originating in West Tennessee, my scope of work has extended across the state, throughout the Southeast and even internationally, doing stonework in central Italy. I build off of all my experiences with both working and traveling around the world and try to use those as I continue to work and learn. I am currently able to meet the needs of those living in the Greater Nashville Area.



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