C Jackson Designs is a multi-faceted two person team that specializes in landscape consulting, bespoke furniture design, and creating unique outdoor structures. Comprised of Cody Jackson and his partner, Jennifer Reid, this award winning couple uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create custom designs, furnishings, and art for their clients. Together they are able to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that are influenced by both nature and modern design philosophies.

Their genuine passion for creating is evident from concept to completion and they’re always looking for a new design challenge.


Owner and Operator of C Jackson Designs

cody jackson

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“I have over twenty five years of experience in the landscaping industry.”


Cody’s ethos is about finding unique and creative ways to approach problems. He loves a design challenge and enjoys discovering new techniques by experimenting with a variety of mediums such as woodworking and metal smithing, along with testing out various applications that use organic materials and found objects.

As a Tennessee native, Cody has over twenty five years of experience in the landscaping industry. He grew up the son of an independent landscape company owner and has been helping on job sites and large-scale projects since the age of nine. He feels lucky to have learned what he did growing up and has have a deep passion for his line of work.

Cody loves working with the earth and it's natural elements. He uses landscaping as a way of seamlessly blending manmade structures with the earth around it. He does most of his work alone or with a small crew and mostly by hand, taking the time to pursue quality in every single project he works on.

Originating in West Tennessee, his scope of work has extended across the state, throughout the Southeast and even internationally, doing stonework in central Italy. Cody builds off of all his experiences with both working and traveling around the world and tries to use those experiences as he continues to work and learn.


Marketing; Operations Assistant at C Jackson Designs

jennifer reid


After nearly half a decade of assisting Cody part time with operations, administration, and design, Jen left the world of viticulture and began working full time with Cody in February of 2018.

Jen has a background in art and agriculture and felt naturally drawn to this line of work. Working with Cody allows her to deepen her knowledge on these subjects while consistently learning and growing both professionally and personally.

Her favorite part of the job is seeing a project begin as an idea, transition to a sketch and quickly become a tangible piece of art.


Cody was named one of Murfreesboro Magazine’s 20 Under 40 for 2019.

MM 20 Under 40

Check out Cody’s interview on Talk of the Town after winning The Nashville Lawn & Garden Show 2018 ‘Best in Show’ Award



Floyd MacDonald Creativity Award

Design: A-frame cabin with side panel that can be converted into a roof for an outdoor patio. Hand-built arbor and outdoor shower.


nashville lawn & garden show 2018

Best in Show Award

Design: Geodesic Dome featuring an urban garden containing a hand-painted mural as well as handmade furniture.

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