Compost Tea


Compost tea demo

Hey guys! I've created a simple compost tea demo using two 5-gallon buckets with 4 gallons of unchlorinated water. Compost tea is a awesome way to provide your plants with lots of nutrients by multiplying good bacteria and making it bioavailable for your plants to uptake. There are tons of compost tea recipes online but this works for us and we've been using it on our garden and on our house plants for years. Our plants are significantly brighter after applying the compost tea and we begin to notice new growth happening after each application. Below is our recipe along with step by step directions. If you’re interested in brewing compost tea at home we have kits available on our ‘SHOP’ page. We have a few different kits to choose from but I recommend the Premium Compost Tea Kit which includes everything you need to create multiple batches of compost tea and should last for one full growing season.

This recipe is best used by applying directly to soil near base of plants instead of being used as a foliar spray. I hope this demo helps! Happy Brewing!


  1. Fill the bucket with non-chlorinated water. Water temperature is ideally between 55-80ºF. If using tap water, leave it sitting and uncovered for 24 hours to off-gas any chlorine.

  2. Add the molasses, kelp meal, and humid acid to bucket of water. Give everything in bucket of water a good stir to keep molasses from sticking to bottom.

  3. Put compost and worm castings in the mesh bag, tie off the end and suspend it in the water.

  4. Put the air stones in the bottom of the bucket, attach the air pump and let it start to bubble. Make sure there is enough oxygen and agitation moving through your liquid. You are looking for more of a churning or rolling boil, not simply fine bubbles.

  5. Let the whole brew bubble for 24 hours and for no longer than 36 hours. After 36 hours, if the tea received insufficient oxygen or too much food, anaerobic organisms will overcome the beneficial aerobic organisms. It will be obvious if the tea went anaerobic because it will stink! 

  6. You should use your tea within 24 hours of completing the brew. The sooner the better as organisms begin to die off once the aeration process ends.

  7. Pour the mixture through a strainer to remove large debris so that it doesn’t clog your backpack sprayer or plastic watering can. Apply to base of plants at soil surface. This is not a foliar spray.

  8. Make sure to clean your bucket and pump for your next round of tea. Use a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner.

  9. Remember, these pumps need a power source, and the tea needs to be aerated constantly.

  10. Apply compost tea to plants every 2-4 weeks, or as needed. 


5 gallon bucket

4 gallons non-chlorinated water

compost tea bag

1 cup compost*

3/4 cup worm castings

4 TBSP unsulphered molasses

3/4 cup kelp meal

1 TBSP humic acid

air pump & air stones

plastic sprayer/watering can

*If not using compost, double amount of worm castings

**Recipe is based on 4 gallons of water in 5 gallon bucket.