Listed below are more details about the services we offer.

Because we am not part of a large company, regardless of the type of work, you will always work directly with just us. Many clients find the ease of dealing with only one or two people to not only be easier but ultimately allow for a more thoroughly completed project and, in the end, a far greater value and enjoyable experience.

We take pride in creating a trusting relationship with our clients.


We offer consulting for those who wish to do-it-themselves. We have worked with residential clients as well as firms on a variety of projects. Our consulting work includes a detailed plan including specifics for layout and design as well as options for materials needed based on your unique project. Consulting can be a cost saving option for those who have a lot of ideas and are ready to dig in! Our consulting rates vary per project and need; We can customize a plan to suite your level of involvement and skills.


Landscaping can be defined as altering any outdoor space by improving it with the help of a variety of natural materials. We use this term to define a broad scope of work ranging from water features to stone patios.

With everything that we design and build, we ultimately hope to create a welcoming space that invites you to happily spend time outdoors. Our design style is simplistic and modern with influences from nature. Our designs achieve the feeling of having an oasis just outside your back door. In addition to creating unique landscapes, we also offer a decorating service that can really bring the entire look together.



We spend much of our time outdoors, hiking the mountains of East Tennessee. It is here that Cody gets his inspiration for creating natural water features. He is able to create natural looking waterfalls, ponds, and streams with a style that perfectly mimics nature. However, he is not limited by this style and has experience creating water features using traditional fountains and has even used features that are a bit quirky such as antiques and unique objects. We also offer a maintenance and repair service for aquascapes and feel confident that we can restore any waterfeature that may be in need.



Whether your looking for interlocking pavers, natural looking flagstone, or a retaining wall, Cody has years of experience in the realm of hardscapes. Some of the different types of hardscapes we offer are outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, concrete pads, courtyards, and retaining walls.



We are including the use of a variety of flora as well as the building of raised garden beds and protective fencing in this category. Cody grew up in West Tennessee and has been helping his father, working in the landscape industry, since he was nine. Not only was he heavily influenced by his fathers work but he also developed a strong passion for gardening and farming at a young age. His grandparents own a 100 acre farm and have spent the majority of their lives ‘working the land’. When creating a landscape design he brings a knowledge of the land and a practical sense of plant management.

Jen begin working in agriculture in 2011. She has worked on farms in Tennessee, California, Washington, Oregon, and even in Argentina. She also worked in viticulture for five years and spent time working at vineyards in Tennessee, California, and Italy.

Together, they share a common interest in all aspects of gardening and landscape design and bring a true enthusiasm to their landscape designs.


Drainage solutions

Cody has years of experience determining the best solution for drainage issues. We have experience with grading, creating a swale, french drains, and drain extensions.



outdoor structures

Adding an outdoor structure to your backyard is like adding a whole new room. Whether you’re interested in a pergola, arbor, awning, garden shed or even a tiny house, we can build an outdoor structure that can add value to your home while creating the perfect outdoor space for entertaining.


We specialize in building bespoke furniture to suit your needs and style. Maybe you host dinners at your home and are ready to invest in a large outdoor dining area; we can build a variety of outdoor furniture made to fit perfectly within your space. We have built a wide range of furniture from tables to bars and even swinging beds. Most recently, Cody has been combining his knowledge of a variety of mediums and building furniture containing wood, concrete, metal, and even natural materials.